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Good Trouble

John Lewis, former civil rights activist and United States congressman, called us all to action with the words:

Good trouble, Necessary trouble.

Taking that as our call to action we want to do good work and get into necessary trouble.

The type of trouble that comes from asserting ourselves in and outside of the workplace in away that will bring about positive change for our people.


The Digital Cookout

Our first conversation focused on the Pandemic and also mental health.


Topic: Communal Mental Health and what those spaces look like for the Black Community. IE. the reason we host a Digital Cookout.

Digital Cookout: Juneteenth

Topic: Over employment & multiple streams of income and if one should be careful when disclosing such things in the workplace.

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Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 1.18.59 PM.png

The Reunion

Topic: Quiet Quitting + Black Resistance and what are some forms of Black resistance within the workplace that many are exploring today.

The Kickback

Topic: Black women in Hospitality and addressing the Mammy character.

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Blue Personal Objects

It's important that our impact comes off-line and inspires people in a REAL tangible way.

We are educating and inspiring Black & Brown professionals in and outside of work.

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